Where Can You Carry, Smoke and Enjoy Cannabis in Canada?

Where Can You Carry, Smoke and Enjoy Cannabis in Canada?



On October 17, 2018, Canada became one of the only countries in the world to legalize marijuana for the entire country. This is a huge undertaking, and each province has their own rules and regulations as to where you can and cannot enjoy cannabis products, legally and safely. Here is where you can carry, smoke and enjoy cannabis products in Canada.


Where Can You Smoke?

Smoking restrictions vary by province, some of them are very strict such as Manitoba, and others are a bit more relaxed such as Ontario. Here is where you can smoke in each Province:


Alberta: You may smoke wherever cigarettes are allowed, but not in your vehicle.


British Columbia: Allowed where cigarettes are permitted, but again, not in vehicles.


Manitoba: Restricted to private residence.


New Brunswick: Permitted only on private property and in private residences.


Newfoundland and Labrador: Only on private property and in private residences.


Northwest Territories: Permitted on trails, highways, street, roads and parks not being used for public events.


Nova Scotia: Permitted where tobacco products are permitted, but, landlords may restrict use.


Nunavut: Only permitted in designated areas.


Ontario: Permitted where tobacco is permitted, but not in vehicles.


Prince Edward Island: Only on private property and certain public areas.


Quebec: Only where tobacco is permitted, but not on college campuses or in vehicles.


Saskatchewan: Only on private property and in private residences.


Yukon: Subject to landlord restrictions and restricted to private property.



How Much Can You Carry?


Most provinces will allow you to carry up to 28 grams on your person at any one time, some provinces will even allow you to grow up to four plants in your home. Some provinces such as Quebec and Manitoba do now allow for home growing.


How Do You Transport It?


Most legal cannabis can be purchased online through the various provinces retail stores, it will then be shipped to your home in a secure manner. This way, you do not have to worry about transporting your products. If you do need to travel with cannabis, you can take it in your vehicle, as long as it is out of reach, and in a sealed container. You may fly with cannabis and cannabis products within Canada, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority has allowed for travel with cannabis in either carry-on (less than 100ml of liquid or oil) or in your checked luggage. Ensure you follow the rules and regulations and limit your supply to under an ounce of weed.


Can You Leave the Country With Cannabis?


It is not permitted to enter or leave the country with any cannabis products. Despite legalization in several border states, it is still not permitted to cross at any point with cannabis on your person.


Now that legalization is here, many places are taking advantage and becoming 420 friendly. While smoking in public places is largely outlawed in Canada, this is not likely to change for cannabis use, so you will have to look for places that are smoking friendly in order to be able to enjoy cannabis.




Many hotels that have smoking rooms, may allow for cannabis use within those rooms. If you are looking for a 420/ friendly hotel, it’s best to reach out to them prior to booking and confirm that they will allow use within their walls. Alternately, marijuana friendly Air B&B’s are popping up in every city, so keep your options open, and find the perfect place. There are also many all inclusive 420 friendly holidays if you want to be treated like a king.

Apartment Buildings:


Unless your landlord has outlawed use, you most likely can use cannabis in your private residence. Most apartment buildings will now allow use in common areas.




Restaurants in Canada are no longer cigarette-friendly, and unfortunately, at this time it does not appear the law will change to allow for marijuana to be smoked on the premises. There are a few smoking lounges open in the Toronto area that allow for smoking indoors, but these are definitely not the norm at the moment. 5If you are visiting Toronto, consider checking out Vapor Central, the Hotbox Cafe, Planet Paradise or The Underground Comedy Club.


Parks, Trails and Sidewalks


Some provinces have outlawed smoking in public all-together, but those that do allow for public consumption, do place some regulations on where it can be enjoyed. For the most-part, the provinces where you can toke in public allow so on the sidewalks, on trails and in some city parks. Smoking is generally outlawed in parks where children and young people are present. If you wish to enjoy your cannabis in public, ensure you have reviewed your local rules and regulations as they do vary for each province.


Canada has started a trend with legalization, and the provinces have all set their guidelines for where, when and how the products can be used. Ensure you are enjoying your products in a safe, and legal, way and there will be no problems. Once edibles are introduced, look out for some changing rules and regulations in relation to cannabis use.